100th Post completed on blog


make-money-with-adsenseThis is our 100th post on colorsofnet.com and it really feels great to enter in three digits. I will take this occasion to thank all the Authors whose valuable contribution had made this thing possible. So, for this time we have decided to pay all the contributors with $5 each post for their contribution. Mail us your PayPal id’s, so we can proceed ahead with the payments.

This is the list of the Authors which help us reach this target with the number of posts they had made:

This week we will be coming up with a new offer on Pay Per Post Revenue sharing, currently we are working over it.

New visitors can check following posts to get a better idea about our revenue sharing:

How commenting could be dangerous?

I recently noticed some strange things wile viewing my Google Webmaster Tools. While viewing the links coming to my site, i become very happy at the first view but as i drilled in it, it turned to be one of the worst nightmare for me. As since i had started commenting regularly on 15-20 blogs that i follow, i had started loosing my search traffic, my new posts are not indexed in search engine the same day. After two three day’s they are indexed in the search engine, i tried to find out the reason, why it is happening? So i asked some fellow friends on a SEO forum, they suggested me to check the webmaster tools to get a clear idea.

What i noticed in the Webmaster Tools?

As stated, the first sight of the stats delighted me, when i viewed the 408 links coming back to my site. The screen shot attached below shows that, but there are 389 links coming back to colorsofnet.com. These 389 links put me puzzled as i had hardly made 40 to 45 comments on the blogs that i visit, and how could i get 389 links back from them. When i drilled into it to view these linking sites, i got the shock of a life time. Their were two three blogs that were having 100 back links to colorsofnet.com. And these are the blogs where i had made only 2-3 comments.


Why you received so many backlinks from these sites?

When you make comment on a blog, the comment appears in the recent comment widgets that carries your comment and the link to your site (not every comment widget carry your link). Those that display recent comments on every page with the commenter’s URL are actually hurting them. The main reason for hundred of back links is due to poor SEO and use of do-follow in comments. When a crawler crawls a site/blog it crawls a large number of pages at a time and updates them, the number of pages crawled at a time could be hundred, thousand or more depending on the crawler setting for your site/blog. When crawling takes place it captures those pages, and the URL’s with do-follow turns up as backlinks, resulting in hundred of backlinks instantly.

And such a great number of backlinks at a time will drink all your SEO Juice. All the hard work and effort that you had put is gone for the time being.

What you should do?

Firstly, check your recent comment widget for links in it. If the link is showing, apply no-follow to it or delink it from the recent comment widget.

Secondly, inform the blog which had these links in recent comments.

How long will these backlinks remain?

These backlinks are not going to last for ever, they will be gone in the next crawling session of the search engine. Then their will be only one backlink that you will be getting i.e. from the comment that you had made on that topic. But this crawling session may take place after 2 days, 1 month or even more.

Moreover, your efforts should be credited instantly now after a delay. I hope you all agree with it.

So, avoid these mistakes and help others do so. If you liked it than mark it on social networking sites.

Gathering all the Colors of Last Week

colorful week Last week, we have covered some new topics on the blog that were of real help of the the blog publishers. We were the first one to publish the New changes and features in Alexa Dashboards and that really help us feel good. We published about PayPal Wishlist to make money through the facebook application with full update on the earning through Wishlist.

In the Blogging section we have covered the Easy Comment Firefox Add-on for Bloggers to bring ease in the commenting and Scribe Fire a Blog Writing Add-On for Firefox for browser publishing of the various blogs.

We received beta testing invitation from adsense to test the New adsense Interface that will be released soon for other adsense publishers.

Apart from this their were two other posts related to Twitter i.e. Link Twitter to your LinkedIn Profile and a drastic improvement in the traffic.

So last week was a great week overall, a lot of new leaning experiences.

Earning updates of PayPal Wishlist

Yesterday we have informed you about the PayPal Wishlist of facebook and had asked you to join and make some easy money. I am posting my earnings below that i had made so far, its only $3 till now. As, specified in the last that it has a limit of inviting only six of your friends to join. But making two dollar a day is not a bad deal without any effort.


Yesterday, i was asked by a fellow blogger till what time will this offer last? Well this is going to last till Christmas and New Year, this is what PayPal states.

And now when you login into your PayPal account you will first see the Crazy Hour that is going on at PayPal, and than you will proceed to your account.


Those those who have not yet joined, click here to join the Wishlist.

Join PayPal Wishlist on Facebook and make money

Christmas is coming and the money is flowing on the net, everyone is trying to grab and catch a bit of it this festive season. This time PayPal has coming up with some great offer for Facebook addicts. They have a cool application named PayPal Wishlist, you are credited with a dollar in your account as soon as you add that application. And now comes the extra bucks that you be earning by referring your friends to join this application, each referral that joins this WishList makes $1 for you.

paypal wishlist

So, it’s a great way to great these extra bucks. But there is a limitation that is being applied on the invitation, in a single day you can invite only six friends to join it.

sorry you have run out of requests

Anyways, if all your referrals join in a day you still earn $6 for the day, and another six dollars the next day.

Note: You should have to be a registered PayPal user with a valid address and phone number in India, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, or Vietnam. As this offer is for Asia Pacific region, you should be holding the above mentioned details.

If you don’t have a PayPal account register one at PayPal.com, and join our PayPal WishList application on facebook.

New changes and features in Alexa Dashboards

Since the start of colorsofnet.com we have been covering Alexa regularly on our blog. Whether its related to our personal ranking or incomplete dashboards of Alexa, we have always found it interesting and have decided to cover it very seriously.

Dashboard Change column

Today their is a change factor that is being implemented in the dashboards, that shows you the actual change that is being made to your stats i.e. the change in your rank, traffic, time on site and other features.  This new feature will show the traffic ranking even it’s above 100k, so these rankings will be daily but will not be represented graphically. The images below compares the past dashboard look and the new dashboard look.

new addition of change in alexa rankings.

Alexa Keyword Search

Apart from these changes their is one more feature added to the keywords reports from the regular Search Terms Driving Traffic is the Search Terms with a High Web-Wide Ranking Driving Traffic.

Below are the regular Search Terms Driving Traffic to colorsofnet.com

keywords driving traffic to site- alexa stats

Following are the newly added Search Terms with a High Web-Wide Ranking Driving Traffic for the site.

Search Terms with a High Web-Wide Ranking Driving Traffic

Keywords that generate a significant number of queries on internet search engines and drive traffic to colorsofnet.com. Ordered by the global popularity of the search terms, in combination with the number of website hits generated on colorsofnet.com.

Well these new stats are very helpful in knowing what the world is searching for and where are you missing. These new stats is a greater and a deeper breakdown of your keywords. From this i was finally able to decide over the categories that i should be focusing on with full dedication. As every page has a reputation that is being followed by the search engines and various social networks, so focus over them.