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baker hughes telephonic interview Hello,to the blogging community. My fellow bloggers, and my dear readers. I was missing from the action since the last week, i got mail from few of my friends querying about my absence. Well, i told them about the reason, and would like to share it with you all also.

Friends, i was preparing for this company Baker Hughes world third largest oil field servicing company of the world. They had a six step screening processing for recruitment, of which i had cleared two the resulted is awaited for the third. Actually, third round was a telephonic interview and i busy was doing preparations for that. I did a lot of study about the company, that one should always do before an interview. Being a blogger research is something we usually do, so i am good at doing that.

And today, November 08, 2009 at 00:01 hours i got a call from the number +1401, a lady with a typical US accent interviewed me. Interview was fine, i will say more than fine. She from her side told me that next week i can expect a mail for the next round.

Here some questions i was asked during the interview:

  1. Tell about your academics, specifically your last degree?
  2. What you have learned in that course (last degree)?
  3. What do you know about the job of a field engineer?
  4. Are you able to relocate?
  5. From the questionnaire’s submitted prior image question, which location will you like to work and why? specifying onshore and offshore.
  6. you are given three work choices:
    a) bad location
    b) good location
    c) too much work/high salary
  7. You have a situation (fixing a broken motor ) where you have choices over your role, what role you will prefer and why:
    a) you will tear the motor apart and fix it
    b) you will analyze and than act accordingly.

These were the questions that were asked to me, share your questions in the comments below. Their will be no technical question asked in the telephonic interview, its only to judge your communication skills and your confidence.

Best, of luck for those appearing for the interview.

Updates on the Interview results: I got my regret mail early morning today (Nov 10, 2009) at around 6:00 AM IST. It was a shock for me, as i had performed well in the interview. But their would be people who were better than me, and i am mature enough to accept that.

My wishes for those who are awaiting their results, hopefully you get through it.

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