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Google’s new Android Operating System Kitkat


google android kitkatWorld Largest mobile operating system Android will launch its new version named as Kitkat, Google’s Sundar Pichai vice-president and head of Android revealed it on Twitter. To use the name kitkat, Google has signed a contract with Nestle Kitkat a chocolate manufacturer company. Nestle even changed the official Kit Kat Facebook page and official Kit Kat Google+ page on Monday to show off the partnership with Google’s Android OS. The Google Android OS is constantly gives the name of sweets.

Android has previously also used the Nestle Eclair’s name for Android 2.0, it was released under the Eclair name. Continue reading

Google Play Policy Updates, bring restritions on Apps Advertisements

Google PlayGoogle Play new policy changes how companies can advertise to users. This Policy update looks good for users, since they will get rid of the annoying ads. But it will limit the number of free apps in the play store, its eventually the money that keeps the operations on going for developers.

As Per the new policies, apps and their advertisements “must not add home screen shortcuts, browser bookmarks, or icons on the user’s device as a service to third parties or for advertising purposes”. Ads also can’t be shown through notifications, “unless the notifications derive from an integral feature provided by the installed app” Continue reading

Google DNS helps Webmasters and Surfers

google-public-dns Being a webmaster for a domain, you may face a situation when you have to change your server/ hosting. And this change involves the name server change, and resulting in downtime due to DNS propagation. This DNS change may take place in around 24-48 hours, but with Google’s DNS it takes place in few hours. I recently had a server change for one of mine domain to a new VPS. My ISP was not loading the page even after 10 hours of change, while the site was active and functional in most parts of the world.

Than i decided to use the new Google DNS as one of author Gaurav suggested me with it, as the site was loading fine at his end since the DNS change. And seriously speaking that was really amazing, just after doing the changes i was able to view my domain. And their was a drastic improvement in the browsing speed also, the pages are also loading very fast.

I recommend everyone to give the new Public DNS from Google a try and experience the future of the coming web. The new DNS from Google are and, if you have problem implementing these do check our coming post setting up Google DNS on your machine.

Two new Adsense categories for newsletters and Market Research

Their was a recent update from adsense to the publishers who have subscribed to their newsletters and surveys at the time of signing up for adsense. Few days back adsense has choose us for its beta adsense interface tester. And Today when i logged in into my adsense account i was asked to select the kid of emails i want  to receive from them (adsense). They have been providing features like personalized optimization tips, webinar and events invitation, and new about special promotion and giveaways.

Check the screen shot for the exact details of the new services.


I personally feel that these newsletter and new services helps new publisher a lot in optimizing and generation great revenue results and user interaction for their site.

How commenting could be dangerous?

I recently noticed some strange things wile viewing my Google Webmaster Tools. While viewing the links coming to my site, i become very happy at the first view but as i drilled in it, it turned to be one of the worst nightmare for me. As since i had started commenting regularly on 15-20 blogs that i follow, i had started loosing my search traffic, my new posts are not indexed in search engine the same day. After two three day’s they are indexed in the search engine, i tried to find out the reason, why it is happening? So i asked some fellow friends on a SEO forum, they suggested me to check the webmaster tools to get a clear idea.

What i noticed in the Webmaster Tools?

As stated, the first sight of the stats delighted me, when i viewed the 408 links coming back to my site. The screen shot attached below shows that, but there are 389 links coming back to These 389 links put me puzzled as i had hardly made 40 to 45 comments on the blogs that i visit, and how could i get 389 links back from them. When i drilled into it to view these linking sites, i got the shock of a life time. Their were two three blogs that were having 100 back links to And these are the blogs where i had made only 2-3 comments.


Why you received so many backlinks from these sites?

When you make comment on a blog, the comment appears in the recent comment widgets that carries your comment and the link to your site (not every comment widget carry your link). Those that display recent comments on every page with the commenter’s URL are actually hurting them. The main reason for hundred of back links is due to poor SEO and use of do-follow in comments. When a crawler crawls a site/blog it crawls a large number of pages at a time and updates them, the number of pages crawled at a time could be hundred, thousand or more depending on the crawler setting for your site/blog. When crawling takes place it captures those pages, and the URL’s with do-follow turns up as backlinks, resulting in hundred of backlinks instantly.

And such a great number of backlinks at a time will drink all your SEO Juice. All the hard work and effort that you had put is gone for the time being.

What you should do?

Firstly, check your recent comment widget for links in it. If the link is showing, apply no-follow to it or delink it from the recent comment widget.

Secondly, inform the blog which had these links in recent comments.

How long will these backlinks remain?

These backlinks are not going to last for ever, they will be gone in the next crawling session of the search engine. Then their will be only one backlink that you will be getting i.e. from the comment that you had made on that topic. But this crawling session may take place after 2 days, 1 month or even more.

Moreover, your efforts should be credited instantly now after a delay. I hope you all agree with it.

So, avoid these mistakes and help others do so. If you liked it than mark it on social networking sites.

Beta Testing for New adsense Interface

Today, while checking my mail that i uses to do 3-4 times in day, i had a invitation from Adsense Team that they had chosen me as beta tester for its new adsense interface.

Lets talk about the new interface, its fast, its beautiful, the representation had come in dashboard just like your analytics stats. This helps you compare your daily earnings in various metric revenue per ad, targeting, and bid types etc. I will be covering it completely in my upcoming posts are exploring it fully and comparing it with the old version.

This is a partial copy of the mail sent by adsense covering some of the features that will be their in the new interface, official AdSense blog.

We’ve been building a new AdSense interface to help publishers get more out of the program, and we’re excited to invite you to participate in a limited beta test. As one of the selected beta testers, you’ll have a first look at the new interface, which includes these benefits:
- Comprehensive performance reports: View your daily stats in graph format, and gain insight into new metrics such as the amount you’re earning from different ad types, targeting types, and bid types.
- Quicker account maintenance: We’ve streamlined the process for a number of common tasks to help you get things done more quickly. Whether you’re trying to update your contact information or make a change to a number of ad units at the same time, you’ll find that these types of tasks require fewer clicks and less account navigation than before.
- Prominent help links: There’s now help content available on every page, so you’ll be able to quickly find answers to your questions while navigating through your account

Here is a sample screen shot of the new adsense interface, its a complete dashboards experience.

new adsense interface