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Join PayPal Wishlist on Facebook and make money

Christmas is coming and the money is flowing on the net, everyone is trying to grab and catch a bit of it this festive season. This time PayPal has coming up with some great offer for Facebook addicts. They have a cool application named PayPal Wishlist, you are credited with a dollar in your account as soon as you add that application. And now comes the extra bucks that you be earning by referring your friends to join this application, each referral that joins this WishList makes $1 for you.

paypal wishlist

So, it’s a great way to great these extra bucks. But there is a limitation that is being applied on the invitation, in a single day you can invite only six friends to join it.

sorry you have run out of requests

Anyways, if all your referrals join in a day you still earn $6 for the day, and another six dollars the next day.

Note: You should have to be a registered PayPal user with a valid address and phone number in India, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, or Vietnam. As this offer is for Asia Pacific region, you should be holding the above mentioned details.

If you don’t have a PayPal account register one at, and join our PayPal WishList application on facebook.

New changes and features in Alexa Dashboards

Since the start of we have been covering Alexa regularly on our blog. Whether its related to our personal ranking or incomplete dashboards of Alexa, we have always found it interesting and have decided to cover it very seriously.

Dashboard Change column

Today their is a change factor that is being implemented in the dashboards, that shows you the actual change that is being made to your stats i.e. the change in your rank, traffic, time on site and other features.  This new feature will show the traffic ranking even it’s above 100k, so these rankings will be daily but will not be represented graphically. The images below compares the past dashboard look and the new dashboard look.

new addition of change in alexa rankings.

Alexa Keyword Search

Apart from these changes their is one more feature added to the keywords reports from the regular Search Terms Driving Traffic is the Search Terms with a High Web-Wide Ranking Driving Traffic.

Below are the regular Search Terms Driving Traffic to

keywords driving traffic to site- alexa stats

Following are the newly added Search Terms with a High Web-Wide Ranking Driving Traffic for the site.

Search Terms with a High Web-Wide Ranking Driving Traffic

Keywords that generate a significant number of queries on internet search engines and drive traffic to Ordered by the global popularity of the search terms, in combination with the number of website hits generated on

Well these new stats are very helpful in knowing what the world is searching for and where are you missing. These new stats is a greater and a deeper breakdown of your keywords. From this i was finally able to decide over the categories that i should be focusing on with full dedication. As every page has a reputation that is being followed by the search engines and various social networks, so focus over them.

Link Twitter to your LinkedIn Profile

Twitter Linkedin Their is recent development from LinkedIn, they have merged twitter in the profile for their users. Now your colleagues and associates will be updated of your recent activities. Its very handy for developing your professional relation by showing your current status and the work you are involved in. I find it very useful in selecting an appropriate candidate for your business needs. With twitter they will be able to know the person much better in social life also.

We’re delighted to announce that LinkedIn now works with Twitter. Try these new features on for size:

  1. Make your Twitter account visible on your profile
  2. Use #in or #li to share posts from Twitter to your LinkedIn status
  3. Add the Tweets app to share your Twitter activity on your profile

So, i strongly recommend LinkedIn users to link their twitter id to their respective profiles. Specially, its a delight for the job searchers.

Beta Testing for New adsense Interface

Today, while checking my mail that i uses to do 3-4 times in day, i had a invitation from Adsense Team that they had chosen me as beta tester for its new adsense interface.

Lets talk about the new interface, its fast, its beautiful, the representation had come in dashboard just like your analytics stats. This helps you compare your daily earnings in various metric revenue per ad, targeting, and bid types etc. I will be covering it completely in my upcoming posts are exploring it fully and comparing it with the old version.

This is a partial copy of the mail sent by adsense covering some of the features that will be their in the new interface, official AdSense blog.

We’ve been building a new AdSense interface to help publishers get more out of the program, and we’re excited to invite you to participate in a limited beta test. As one of the selected beta testers, you’ll have a first look at the new interface, which includes these benefits:
- Comprehensive performance reports: View your daily stats in graph format, and gain insight into new metrics such as the amount you’re earning from different ad types, targeting types, and bid types.
- Quicker account maintenance: We’ve streamlined the process for a number of common tasks to help you get things done more quickly. Whether you’re trying to update your contact information or make a change to a number of ad units at the same time, you’ll find that these types of tasks require fewer clicks and less account navigation than before.
- Prominent help links: There’s now help content available on every page, so you’ll be able to quickly find answers to your questions while navigating through your account

Here is a sample screen shot of the new adsense interface, its a complete dashboards experience.

new adsense interface

Scribe Fire a Blog Writing Add-On for Firefox

scribe fire logoFew posts back we had covered the windows live writer for writing your blog posts. This time we have explored a new add-on from the vault of Firefox. Scribe Fire add-on is a full featured blog writer that is embedded in your browser only. It removes your dependency on the desktop applications  while you are browsing, you could compose a post while reading tweets from twitter or while chatting with friends in the same browser.

How to get started with the Scribe Fire add-on

  1. Download>> Install>> Restart Firefox
  2. Select the Scribe Fire from the Bar.
    select from status bar
  3. Launch account wizard to add a blog in the network.
    scribefire account wizard
    Make choice of your blog system
    You are provided with various blogging platform where you want to publish your content. Make a choice suitable for your requirement.
  4. Add your username and password that you uses to login into the blog.
    add username and password- scribefire
  5. After entering the username and password, it gets verified and a blog is successfully added.
    Blog added sucessfully

That’s all you are done with the configuration of the scribe Fire add-on and now its ready for publishing.

Easy Comment Firefox Add-on for Bloggers

I am a great fan of Firefox and its great add-ons that are available in wide range for it users. I have tried it in range of social bookmarking, rank check (alexa sparky), synchronization, ad filtering, image snapping etc. And recently i had started with a new add-on for improving and fastening my blogging experience and interacting with other blog. This add-on is a easy comment add-on and helps you to automatically fill up the comment form on a blog,just by a single click.

This is how the author describes its add-on.

Automatically fill out Blog Comment Forms. If you’re into the blogosphere, this is a must have!
- multiple profiles ( name / email / url / message )
- shortcut key for commenting
- language mutation

Steps for Installation and Configuration of the Add-On:

  1. Install the add-on in your Firefox browser, Download.
  2. Restart your browser for making it to function.
  3. At the extreme bottom right on the browsers status bar, you will see easy Comment option,
    Right click>> Manage Profiles
    easy comment fiefox add-on
  4. Fill up the settings form, create new profile by the name you prefer.
    Manage easy comment add-on profiles
  5. Leave the comment column blank, during profile creation.
  6. Close the easy comment setting extension and you are done.

Now when ever you move to a blog to make a comment,just click on your easy comment add-on in the extreme bottom right of your browsers status bar. As soon as the click is made, it will look for the forms available on the webpage and fill them up automatically. In this case it will fill up the comment form fields.