Google’s new Android Operating System Kitkat


google android kitkatWorld Largest mobile operating system Android will launch its new version named as Kitkat, Google’s Sundar Pichai vice-president and head of Android revealed it on Twitter. To use the name kitkat, Google has signed a contract with Nestle Kitkat a chocolate manufacturer company. Nestle even changed the official Kit Kat Facebook page and official Kit Kat Google+ page on Monday to show off the partnership with Google’s Android OS. The Google Android OS is constantly gives the name of sweets.

Android has previously also used the Nestle Eclair’s name for Android 2.0, it was released under the Eclair name. Continue reading

Yahoo Groups ‘Neo’ Interface, can be improved

yahoo groupsYahoo had recently rolled out their new group interface ‘neo’, on 7th August 2013 for selected groups. It become live over my groups yesterday. Its definitely a great young and fresh interface as per its name ‘neo ‘, but their are few functionality drops and slow performance over the various modules. I will be sharing what need to be done, to improve and make the Admin, Moderators and users happy. Continue reading

Google Play Policy Updates, bring restritions on Apps Advertisements

Google PlayGoogle Play new policy changes how companies can advertise to users. This Policy update looks good for users, since they will get rid of the annoying ads. But it will limit the number of free apps in the play store, its eventually the money that keeps the operations on going for developers.

As Per the new policies, apps and their advertisements “must not add home screen shortcuts, browser bookmarks, or icons on the user’s device as a service to third parties or for advertising purposes”. Ads also can’t be shown through notifications, “unless the notifications derive from an integral feature provided by the installed app” Continue reading

Future of Advertisements ‘Pay Per Glaze’

GoogleGlassOnline Advertising world was rocked in the year 2003, when Google opened the concept of contextual advertising to the worldwide web publisher. Adsense cost per click model was a great success over taking the cost per million model, which delivered relevant adverts to the web users. Contextual advertising was later followed by the interest based advertising.

Now Google has been granted a patent for ‘Pay per Glaze’ advertising technology. Its a evolutionary technology that will be charging the advertisers on the bases of  views an advertisement received while wearing Glass. This glass is Google’s futuristic, Internet-connected head mounted device, which helps you view things right in front of you. Continue reading

Female TV Celebrities who made it to Bollywood

Name and fame occurs now and than in ones life, but for few it happens  quickly if they make it to Bollywood. Here are few of the celebrities from television who banged some big supporting roles and lead roles in bollywood.

Sulagna Panigrahi

Panigrahi, originally from Bhubaneswar,  lived in New Delhi for 10 years until she moved to Mumbai in 2007. She has finished her schooling from Army Public School, Dhaula Kuan, New Delhi.  She made her popular debut as Dhara of Amber-Dhara TV series, and took the big change and entered Big Screen land with the thriller, Murder 2. She has been filming for a new Tamil movie ‘Isai’.

sulagna panigrahi Continue reading

Microsoft Go Greener IT Challenge Initiative

microsoft_greeneritchallengeAll software companies have been focusing a lot over the Green Revolution. Move a step further and showing their concern for the environment, Microsoft has launch its GreenerITChallenge website.

Main agenda of the website is to provide environmentally friendly choices every time you buy, use and dispose of IT equipment. You can get both training and tests, along with a video to Buy Smart, Use Smart and Dispose Safely.

Post on Microsoft’s Green Blog Quotes:

In fiscal year 2013, Microsoft recycled over 37,000 PC’s. We have policies in place on buying greener PCs, configuring them to use the power-saving features in the Windows operating system and disposing of old machines properly so they don’t end up in landfills. In 2012, we shared a paper outlining Microsoft’s specific energy saving practices that help ensure Microsoft IT reduces the environmental impact of PCs used at the company and as a result of these practices lowered energy consumption by 32 percent, lowered the company’s CO2 emissions and saved money.

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Source: Microsoft | Image via GreenerITChallenge